About the Journal

Vision and Values

The purpose of the Russia Africa Journal is to bridge the gap between Russia and Africa, bring them closer to each other, communicate mutual expectations and facilitate matching them. We focus on business cases, opportunities, markets and risks, but also cover the political and other context as they all shape the conditions of the relevant decision-making.

The first Russia-Africa Summit in 2019 revealed that both Africa and Russia need to learn more about each other in order to make more and better deals. The Declaration adopted laid the foundation for the new format of cooperation. Now a lot of homework has to be done to make this format work and bring benefits to the people.

Focus and Scope

In the Journal we present the news feed concerning Russia-Africa relations and cooperation. We cover environmental challenges, human capital development, governance and institutions, infrastructure development, investment destinations, and the international environment of African problems and their solutions. We do our best to be project and market-driven in our research and publishing.

We bring together the opinions, concerns and suggestions from Russia and Africa to facilitate their dialog and enrich their expertise by exchanging views and information. We strive to make the expert dialog as inclusive as possible.

We call this news & analysis feed Russian Africa Journal, but in fact it is more focused on Russians in Africa — what are they doing, what should or could they do, what have they already done so far.


The founder of the Journal is LLC “Intexpertise”, a Russian think-tank, research and consulting vehicle focused on Africa and African markets. We gather and share expertise, experience and knowledge on and in the African markets.

Chief editor

Maslov A.A.

Official Name

RA Journal

Legal Address

196631, г. Санкт-Петербург, п. Александровская, 5-я линия, д. 2А, лит. а. Телефон: +7 (812) 643-42-92 E-mail: contact@intexpertise.ru