AFROCOM April 27, 2021

AFROCOM Inaugurates Centre for Entrepreneurship in Uganda

From left to right: the second one — Karen Melik-Simonyan, AFROCOM’s representative in Uganda; Anderson Mugisho — local partner and Anatoly Piskunov, Head of the Russian AFROCOM Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Russian AFROCOM has inaugurated its Centre for Entrepreneurship in Uganda. An official statement was made at the Russia-Uganda Online Business Forum last week by the Russian senator and president of AFROCOM Igor Morozov. The centre will develop, promote and provide necessary support to Russian business in Uganda.

Launching a business project in Uganda requires a team of experts. Those who are familiar with local legislation and the tax system, members of the security service. We do have such experts in our team.

Karen Melik-Simonyan, AFROCOM representative in Uganda

The headquarters of the centre is in the city centre of Uganda’s capital, Kampala. According to Melik-Simonyan, the hotel complex located on the shore of Lake Victoria is expected to host a Russian trade-fair exhibition once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Meanwhile, the heads of the Russian Business Councils with African countries of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AFROCOM’s parent organization, have also discussed Russia-Africa cooperation.

According to the CCI’s President Sergey Katyrin, the heads of Business Councils should become deputy heads of Russia-Africa Intergovernmental Commissions. He believes it could assist Russian entrepreneurs in stating the problems of their activities on local African markets. Moreover, their official active participation could contribute to establishing contacts with African partners.