Transportation October 1, 2020

KAMAZ Activities in Africa Reviewed

Возможно, это изображение (1 человек и транспортное средство)

Senegal’s army received its first batch of KAMAZ vehicles, the Embassy of Russia in Senegal reports. On this occasion, we’ve prepared a brief review of Russian company KAMAZ activities in Africa.

South Africa

After having tested KAMAZ vehicles there in 2016, the Russian company started supplying them in 2018, as stated by the Rostec. At that time South Africa received KAMAZ-6520-63 (6×4) right-hand drive dump trucks, KAMAZ-65222-63 (6×6), KAMAZ-65115-78, and KAMAZ-65201-63 (8×4) chassis.


In 2017 KAMAZ was reported to be thinking about assembling trucks in Senegal and preparing the project design. Three years later, KAMAZ officially announced it had supplied saddle tractors KAMAZ-6460-21 and KAMAZ-65806-93 and a dump carrier TONAR-952363 to the West African and Russian Industrial Group (WARIG). The companies cooperate under the terms of the Senegalese motor pool renovation program.


As for the Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt, joining it requires the company to receive an order of at least 500-vehicles, stated its CEO Sergey Kogogin in December 2019. There are currently no options like that available, he added while talking to RIA Novosti.

The rest of Africa

KAMAZ vehicles are also present in Guinea, Liberia, Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia and Angola