Zambia September 13, 2020

Russia and Zambia Focus on Nuclear Centre Project Once More

Возможно, это изображение (один или несколько человек и текст «CENTRE FOR NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN ZAMBIA February, 2017 Russia-Zambia intergovernmental agreement on nuclear centre construction cooperation preliminary studies and geotechnical investigation May, 2018 Rosatom Overseasx Government of Zambia signing CNST construction contract December, 2018 Rosatom's report on Zambia's nuclear infrastructure astructure September, 2020 updated roadmap of the project INTEXPERTISE»)

Officials from both countries are going to discuss the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology project in Zambia, which has been suspended due to COVID-19.

According to Shadreck Luwita, Zambia’s ambassador to Russia, the parties are expected to hold a videoconference this September and then present the updated roadmap of the project. Official visits are to begin once the global lockdown has ended.

Let us recall that the State Specialized Design Institute, the only shareholder of which is Rosatom Overseas, and the Government of Zambia signed a contract for the construction of the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technologies back in May 2018. The project envisages the construction of a 10-megawatt nuclear installation, laboratory facilities, irradiation facility and a centre for studying nuclear medicine.

The project was expected to be completed by 2026, but at the beginning of 2020 its implementation was postponed. As for now, Zambia is expecting some «concrete steps» from the Russian Government.