Medicine April 7, 2021

Sputnik V Vaccine in Africa

Возможно, это изображение (карта и текст «Sputnik V Africa × Countries in colour have authorised Sputnik-V for full or emergency use received batches of Sputnik Source: RDIF, Embassies Data sof 2nd April. Russia. Africa Journal by Intexpertise facebook.com/IxAfricaJournal»)

The Russian vaccine Sputnik V has been authorized for either full or emergency use in 17 African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Mali, Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Kenya, Seychelles, Mauritius, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe.

Tunisia, Algeria, Guinea, Kenya and the Republic of Congo have already received their batches. Libya received 101,250 doses of Sputnik V on the 4th of April, but there is no information whether the vaccine has been approved or not.

As far as Zimbabwe is concerned, at the beginning of March its Ministry of Health announced that it had authorized Sputnik V for emergency use and received 20,000 doses of the vaccine. At the same time, neither Russian Direct Investment Fund nor the official website for Sputnik V name Zimbabwe among the countries that have authorized the vaccine. RDIF has not answered our information request.