Algeria May 25, 2021

Marina Hamada:”In Africa, one has to get behind one’s product”

On Africa Day we remember how during the time of the USSR thousands of Soviet citizens lived and worked on the continent. By the beginning of the nineties, the majority had returned. How do those who remained live there now? In 2019, we interviewed a…
SDG 17 April 3, 2021

AFROCOM Partners with Africa Oil&Power

AFROCOM is reinforcing its network of African partners. Following several country-focused business forums, it has announced its partnership with Africa Oil & Power — an energy investment platform that brings together experts from across the entire energy value chain. Cooperation among these private investment vehicles…
Oil&Gas March 2, 2021

NJ Ayuk: “Russian Companies Have Relied A Lot On State to Drive Things”

Reuters recently quoted you saying, “Africans want to get married, Russians want just to date”. This caused a lot of…

Energy November 17, 2020

Russian Energy Projects in Africa Questioned

This week discussion sparked in Moscow and Africa, after NJ Ayuk, the head of the African Energy Chamber stated that Russian energy companies had so far failed to deliver on their promises to exploit Africa’s energy resources. «Russians have to do more to really get…
SDG 17 October 28, 2020

Agreements Signed at Russia-Africa Economic Forum in 2019

It has been one year since the first Russia-Africa Summit and Economic Forum took place in Sochi. 54 African states attended. According to official statements, the event resulted in documents signed worth over RUB 1 trillion. We presented those officially confirmed on the map below.
Oil&Gas October 23, 2020

LUKOIL Plans to Invest in the Republic of Congo

Russian oil company LUKOIL has confirmed its intention to invest in the Republic of Congo. In the beginning of October Ivan Romanovsky, Vice President of the Company for America, West Africa and Europe met with Calixte Nganongo, Congolese Minister of Finance. The parties discussed LUKOIL’s…