SDG 17 April 3, 2021

AFROCOM Partners with Africa Oil&Power

Возможно, это изображение (1 человек и текст «игорь николаевич морозов»)
Igor Morozov, AFROCOM Chairman.

AFROCOM is reinforcing its network of African partners. Following several country-focused business forums, it has announced its partnership with Africa Oil & Power — an energy investment platform that brings together experts from across the entire energy value chain. Cooperation among these private investment vehicles will facilitate business communication between both Russian and African companies alike.

Russian investors invited by AFROCOM are expected to attend AOP’s 2021 events, kicking off with a face-to-face South Sudan Oil & Power conference this June. The decision-making process will accelerate when the borders are open and face-to-face communication on the ground returns.

According to its Chairman Igor Morozov, AFROCOM has been given a renewed mandate to direct and promote Russian investments in Africa. This implies the support of top government officials and major state-owned corporations joining AFROCOM, explains Dmitry Oveshnikov, CEO of AFROCOM.

On her part, Renée Montez-Avinir, Managing Director of AOP, noted that the joint efforts of AFROCOM and Africa Oil & Gas would manage to convince Russian entrepreneurs of the benefits of investing in the energy sector, and thereby adding value throughout Africa.