Aerial photography of land in Angola

In the fall of 2018, the company’s specialists in Angola, using a UAV, carried out aerial photography of 2,500 hectares of forests to take inventory of the search for valuable trees and 350 hectares of land for the preparation of the sowing campaign. In January 2019, the company announced the delivery of a UAV to Angola.

In October 2018, employees of the Geoscan company visited Angola at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Angola and with the support of the Angolan company Alfa Sementeira. As part of the visit, more than 2500 hectares of Angola’s forests were photographed for the purpose of inventorying and searching for valuable trees, a survey was carried out on the outskirts of the city of Luena to calculate the direction and speed of erosion.

Also, to prepare the sowing campaign for the World Bank’s MOSAP II project, a survey of 350 hectares of land was carried out in the province of Biye. The purpose of the survey was to prepare for the subsequent distribution of plots among 350 families for farming. Based on the results of processing the materials in the software for the development of “Geoscan”, data on the terrain and slopes were obtained, which were necessary to select the direction of soil cultivation adapted to the landscape on the site.

In January 2019, the publication “” with reference to the General Director of “Geoscan” A. Semyonov reported that the company “is supplying [UAV] Geoscan 201 to Angola.”