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Geoscan is a private group of companies engaged in the development and production of UAVs, software for data processing and 3D visualization.

  • General director

    A. Semyonov
  • Net profit in 2018

    RUB 5 million

The plant for the production of radio electronic equipment (REA) and unmanned systems, the design bureau for the design of radio electronic equipment and UAVs and the software development department are located in St. Petersburg. The group has branches in Moscow, Belgorod and Surgut. Geoscan currently supplies more than 10 countries around the world.

The group delivered UAVs to Angola and signed a contract with a South African company. According to the company, companies from Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria are considered as potential partners in Africa, “however, the Russian manufacturer will have to win a serious price struggle with European competitors, primarily companies from France, since the African market has traditionally been focused on European suppliers.”