Rise School Management – cloud system in South Africa

The Rise School Management (RSM) is a cloud school management system, which includes accounting system integrated with an application Rise Communicator installed by parents. These apps facilitate school-parent communication by displaying school news, upcoming events, status of school fee payments and more. They also automate the bursar’s working routine.

The RSM was presented by Russian entrepreneur Ilia Shikhov in South Africa in 2017. As of April 2021, 98 schools and several colleges all over the country use it.

First, Rise SA Business Solutions only provided the accounting system, which freed school staff up from dealing with financial documentation. The 043-Form report was automated, simplifying all the finance related tasks. For example, the school’s bursar could run Balance Sheet, Budget Plan Vs. Actual, Income Statement, and more at any given time.

Every student’s personal billing status and other personal financial information was displayed in the Rise Communicator.

Further research revealed that there was a demand for more information than just billing status. The Rise Communicator was presented for communication with teachers, providing pages with School and Class News, Discipline module and Attendance record for students. Students’ marks are not displayed.

Our next step is to introduce it. The Progress Report page is about to appear, and I think this might be welcomed by parents. Mothers always want to see their children’s success.

Ilia Shikhov, CEO Rise SA Business Solutions