Purchase of liquefied natural gas in Cameroon

In November 2015, Gazprom’s subsidiary Gazprom Marketing and Trading Singapore signed an 8-year agreement to buy out 1.2 million tonnes of LNG per year, produced by a floating LNG plant off the coast of Cameroon.

Cameroon is the second country in the world to launch a floating LNG plant, after Malaysia. The Kribi plant’s resource base is the Sanaga Sud and Ebome fields. Perenco, British Golar LNG and SNH are involved in the project. The only offtaker is Gazprom Marketing & Trading. The installed capacity of the plant is 2.4 million tons (4 production lines). Currently, two of them are loaded.

On March 12, 2018, the floating LNG plant Kribi, based on the Hili Episeyo vessel, began operations. The first 0.61 tons of LNG was shipped in 2018.